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Chaos to Calm. By Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell

Chaos to Calm

16 essential skills to boost your confidence tank and take control back in life

A simple step-by-step approach to regaining your naturally confident, balanced and motivated self. This well structured, inspirational and educational book covers 16 of the most essential life and wellness skills to master in life. Educating you on each skill, understanding why each is a part of our foundation for a great life, showing you the “how to” and leaving you with a significant list of affirmations and ways to train the mind to avoid self sabotage, this book is a must for everyone on the planet.

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“Lyndall and Shannah’s expertise in the science of living well is renowned.   A personal uprising: that is what Chaos to Calm offers us.”  Dr James Rouse

“Educational and essential. Practical guidance on life and wellness skills which are so important to build confidence and reach our full potential in all aspects of our lives.”
Deloitte Australia CEO, Cindy Hook,

“Essential. This book gives you the tools you need.”
Collective Hub , Founder & Editor in Chief, Lisa Messenger

“The combination of Shannah and Lyndall – The Essentialists – is sheer brilliance, an incredible combination of skills and knowledge coming together.”
T2 Founder, Maryanne Shearer,

“An inspiring ‘how-to’ guide for how to find calm confidence within yourself, which is so important for helping you live your best life, every day.”
Kikki. K Founder, Kristina Karlsson

“The ultimate recipe to help you to find the courage to be the most important person in your life and guide you towards great acceptance and happiness.”
Balance by Deborah Hutton Founder, Deborah Hutton,

“People managers need life skills so they can successfully mentor and motivate others to take charge of their lives. This is the perfect handbook for every leader.”
Sportsgirl CEO, Colleen Callander