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Our highly engaging keynotes are designed to equip participants with the skills to improve resilience and wellbeing along with amplifying their influence as leaders.

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The Essentialists deliver powerful keynotes, masterclasses, boardroom briefings and workshops around Australia on the science and practice of living well. Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell have built a reputation for leaving audiences genuinely inspired, empowered and ready to embrace essential wellness practices.

“Sheer brilliance. An incredible combination of skills and knowledge coming together.”
T2 Founder Maryanne Shearer

“They are an amazing, dynamic and truly engaging duo.”
Sussan Group CEO Rebecca Hard

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essential living

Fundamental skills and new infrastructure for the foundation of work/life integration
This 45 or 60-minute keynote is suitable for small and large groups at all professional levels

So many feel they are living on the treadmill of life, on autopilot and disconnected with their better self. This wellness-based keynote is an interactive session that looks at The Essentialists’ essentials of stress management – sleep, nourishment, exercise, mindfulness, neuroplasticity, goal setting and positive mindsets for taking responsibility and control in life both personally and professionally.

“This keynote is a perfect introduction to the foundations of self-care, the science of mindfulness and wellbeing. Full of powerful learnings, new skills and self-reflection.”


A session for leaders on mastering skills for sustained high performance
This 45 or 60 minute keynote is tailored for boards, senior leadership teams and business owners.

For those well established in their corporate career and personal life, Essential Performance is a hands-on keynote designed to allow participants to come back to core life and wellness skills; reflect and re-examine career and life plans, challenge time management beliefs, understand the science of habits and create new pathways for career longevity and clarity at home and work.

“The keynote really looks at who you are, the choices you are making and identifying a deeper sense of purpose.”


Tailored workshops - made to order

Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell will consult and collaborate with you to build the program to your exact specifications.