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press and praise

Don’t take our word for it, here is some fresh praise from the company we keep.

“The Masterclass of Wellness – this is an essential tool for any leader that truly cares about the team they lead. The concepts introduced have renewed my focus as a leader and have given myself, and my team, a vision for our future.”
Sussan Group, Planning Manager, Lindsay Horlock

“Shannah and Lyndall were so clear and concise. Simple but powerful messages that inspired me to grow as a person and stop languishing at the base of the mountain. Thank you!”
NAB Wealth, Head of Management Assurance, Retail Wealth Products,

Alpha Broker, Therese O Neill

“Separately Shannah & Lyndall are both passionate, successful and inspirational women. I felt lucky to have them both in the same room working together to share all their wisdom.”
Kikki K, Product Manager

“All participants found the workshop very helpful and they could each take away new knowledge about how to create the best versions of themselves and get back into the driver’s seat of their lives.”
Palazzo Versace, Event Director

“It was good for all in attendance to be reminded of what is important and by re focusing and getting work,life balance in order that both work and home can actually be more enjoyable for all.”
NAB, General Manager, Management Assurance Wealth

“I was truly blown away with your presentation. I found you both to be such beautiful, inspirational and very real women with incredible knowledge. What a stellar collaboration.”
NAB Advisor, Participant

“I had the pleasure of meeting Shannah and Lyndall when they presented at our national advice development workshops across the country for NAB Financial Planning. I found Shannah and Lyndall to be engaging and motivating with a genuine interest to ensure their program met the needs of our business and our employees. The messages were extremely relevant for our audience, with practical hints, tips and ideas to start our employees on their wellness journey.”
NAB, Senior Executive Participant

“Lifeskills and wellness workshops have been run for the team at Sussan for the past three years. It is a culture piece for us and the results are measurable in terms of staff happiness, reduction in absenteeism and an increase in loyalty to our brand. We have found that many of our people have taken those practices learnt into both their personal and professional lives, which is turn has helped all of them have greater satisfaction overall.”
Sussan Group, CEO, Rebecca Hard.

“Both Shannah and Lyndall are very professional, enthusiastic and have high energy which makes for a very engaging and informative workshop.”
Family Business Australia, Board Member

“Engaging with great effort, enthusiasm and energy in sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience with our group.”
Jimmy Possum Group, Marketing Manager, Emily Spalding

“We experienced the Masterclass of Wellness at our recent professional development conference. For our team it helped to raise self-awareness and helped to boost focus, creativity and motivation. Lyndall and Shannah gave a variety of skills and techniques to equip our team with the resources to be the best version of themselves both personally and professionally.”
Tomorrowland Group, Principal, Gary Saunders

“The recently run nationwide Masterclass of Wellness for NAB worked very effectively for our financial planning teams. This engaging presentation was well-crafted, thought provoking and exceeded our expectations. The key wellness concepts and ideas you presented are already making a difference in the way our team approach their day. It gave everyone the much needed opportunity to bring wellness to the forefront.
Based on the very positive feedback from the attendees re this session, it has motivated them to re-evaluate how they currently handle multiple demands in an ever-changing environment and to consider new strategies for managing both their own stress personally and professionally. You gain a rapid and positive rapport with your audience, keeping them both focused and interested in the session.”

NAB, General Manager, Wealth Division, Paul Fog

“You are both extremely inspirational!”
Macquarie Equities Limited, Wealth Management, Anna Varley

“Shannah and Lyndall ran a perfect session using a very thoughtful combination of storytelling, life experience, humour and practical examples to demonstrate how our people can achieve more balance in their working and professional lives. This session is a must-do bought, our entire sales group together to focus on the teams mindfulness, wellness and mental for any business wanting the absolute best for their teams.”
SEEK, Director of Sales and Service, Matt Sallman

“I highly recommend enlisting Shannah and Lyndall to open your teams minds to the opportunity.”
SEEK, Sales Leader, Damian Walsh

“For me, Shannah and Lyndall shone a light on what is ultimately important – my wellbeing. Their presentation was authentic and relatable and forced me to pause, be present and reflect on my priorities. All good presenters leave you with some actionable take aways and Lyndall and Shannah were no exception!”
Sydney Swans Football Club, General Manager, Tom Harley

“I was lucky enough to have Shannah and Lyndall present to me and a group of senior executives from the AFL in August 2016. The session was based around some practical tools that may be adopted in order to simplify daily routines and maintain focus. The session was extremely useful, with the tips around meditation, having my own vision board, and learning to cherish time at home being takeaways I have started adopting straight away.”
North Melbourne Football Club, General Manager, Business Development & Strategy, Nick Haslam

“The feedback has been excellent. You really struck the hearts and minds of our team.”
Mondelez, Craig Taylor

“It was such a pleasure and privilege to have you at our conference. I am very passionate about looking after our staff in this high pressure environment.”
People’s Choice Credit Union, Angela Tan

Praise for The Essentialists


“Educational and essential. Practical guidance on life and wellness skills which are so important to building confidence and reaching our full potential in all aspects of our lives.”
CEO Deloitte Australia, Cindy Hook

“The combinationof Shannah and Lyndall – The Essentialists is sheer brilliance. An incredible combination of skills and knowledge coming together.”
T2 Founder Maryanne Shearer

“An inspiring ‘how-to’ guide for how to find calm confidence within yourself, which is so important for helping you live your best life, every day.”
Kristina Karlsson, Founder, Kikki. K

“The ultimate recipe to help you to find the courage to be the most important person in your life and guide you towards great acceptance and happiness.”
Balance by Deborah Hutton Founder, Deborah Hutton

“People managers need life skills so they can successfully mentor and motivate others to take charge of their lives. This is the perfect handbook for every leader.”
Colleen Callander, CEO, Sportsgirl

“Lyndall and Shannah’s expertise in the science of living well is renowned. A personal uprising: that is what Chaos to Calm offers us.”
Dr James Rouse

“Essential. This book gives you the tools you need.”
Founder & Editor in Chief at Collective Hub, Lisa Messenger